Notice Board

Welcome to Wiltshire Rural Housing Association Ltd.
For over 25 years WRHA have been building and managing homes in villages throughout the County of Wiltshire and The Borough of Swindon.

We focus on building homes to high environmental and space standards.  Our 239 homes are at affordable rent for local people.  We are responsive to the needs of our residents with over 89% saying that they are very or fairly satisfied with our performance as a landlord.

House prices and private rents in Wiltshire villages are out of the reach of many on low incomes and we are committed to providing much needed affordable homes and keeping villages sustainable.

WRHA is a charity registered with the Homes & Communities Agency and is an Industrial and Provident Society.  We are a member of the National Housing Federation.


Welfare Reform Act 2012 for more information on changes to come visit Wiltshire Money to view their Wiltshire Welfare Reform DVD.   Click here to go on website   

Once on their site Click on Welfare Reform Act 2012 then click on Wiltshire Welfare Reform DVD.       


Helping Communities

WRHA is well placed to assist Parish Councils in Wiltshire and Swindon to identify their housing needs, providing housing development advice and to ultimately provide solutions to the housing problems identified.

To arrange a visit to your Parish Council Meeting to discuss housing please email or telephone her on 01380 850916.  

"We promote equality of opportunity in every aspect of our business in line with our objectives"

Local Connections

WRHA rents its homes to people who have a connection with the village in which the home is situated.

A local connection is classed as one of the following:

  • Currently lives in the parish or has lived in the parish in the past.
  • Currently has close family members, such as parents, children or brothers and sisters living in the parish.
  • Works in the parish.