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Budgeting Information
In these days of economic downturn, it is very difficult to sometimes decide on who to pay first. The first call on your cash is your rent. This page may be some assistance to you when budgeting your income.

Keep debt under control!!
You probably know how much money you get each week/month and how quickly it gets spent. Taking time to work out your budget really does help to see where your money is going. It’s then easier to see where you can make some savings to help balance the books or to give yourself some spare cash.

Get to grips with your money
Setting aside a few minutes a week is all it takes to review your finances.

Tips to help you take stock of your money
  • Don’t forget occasional items such as birthdays, Xmas, other festive presents or holidays.
  • Think about things that you pay once a year, car tax, insurance etc. It’s helpful to put away a monthly amount for these.
  • Keep a spending diary—try it for a month.
  • Check to see if you are any state benefits, tax credits that you may be entitled to.
  • Make sure you review your budget regularly.
  • If you haven’t got enough money to cover your expenses, see where you might be able to make savings.
Get more help
For more information download this leaflet: budgeting leaflet.pdf